Auction Type: Live Only
Location: (Auction will take place at Noon at the Entrance to FDR Park off of South Broad Street opposite the Wells Fargo Center, Philadelphia, PA– LOOK FOR AUCTION SIGN!!)
Date: August 1, 2019 12:00 pm
Ends: August 1, 2019 1:00 pm
Inspection: August 1, 2019 from 12:00pm – 12:00pm


Below is the Court Order Procedures for the LIVE Bidding and Auction of(3) Philadelphia EAGLES SBLs and Season’s Tickets in Section 122, Row 20, Seats 7, 8 & 9 (Auction will take place at Noon at the Entrance to FDR Park off of South Broad Street opposite the Wells Fargo Center, Philadelphia, PA. Approximately 100 yards before the Navy Yard– LOOK FOR AUCTION SIGN!!)


  1. The auction will be held at FDR Park, Philadelphia, PA on August 1st at 12:00pm subject to the Trustee’s discretion to adjourn the auction.
  2. Each prospective bidder must present $10,000.00 in the form of an irrevocable bank check in order to register to bid. Cash, credit cards, personal checks, and business checks will not be accepted. Unsuccessful bidders will have their checks returned at the conclusion of the auction.
  3. The highest bid at the auction will be subject to the Trustee’s confirmation or rejection in his sole discretion.
  4. After the highest bid of the Trustee is confirmed as the winning bid, it will not be subject to higher and better offers.
  5. The winning bidder must complete the transaction and pay the balance of the purchase price within 24 hours after the Trustee confirms the bid.
  6. If the winning bidder fails to pay the balance due, that bidder will forfeit the $10,000.00 deposit, and the second-highest bidder will be awarded the SBLs and tickets at the highest price bid by such bidder.
  7. The SBLs entitle their owner to purchase season tickets for Section 122, Row 20, Seats 7, 8 & 9. The tickets will be paid for in full for the 2019 season, along with a Parking Pass ($5,400 value). The amount of $3,000.00 will be added to the bid price (representing a $2,400.00 discount that the ticket holder will have paid.)
  8. Each participating bidder will be required to confirm that it has not engaged in any bad faith or collusion with respect to the bidding or the sale.
  9. The auction will be conduced openly, and all parties in interest will be permitted to attend.
  10. Bidding at the auction will be documented, recorded, or videotaped.
  11. All bidders shall bear their own expenses in connection with their bids and the proposed sale, whether or not such sale is ultimately approve.d
  12. The Trustee shall have the right to amend or waive any terms or conditions of the sale including but not limited to, adjourning the auction or place of auction, which are desirable or necessary in his business judgement.
  13. The Court shall retain jurisdiction over any matter or dispute arising from or relating to the implementation of this Order, which shall be effective immediately.
  14. Any conflict between the terms and conditions of the Order and any other agreement executed by Trustee and any of the bidders shall be resolved in favor of this Order.

Inquiries to: or call Eric at 215-426-5300.