After the sale (Check-Out)

No item may be removed during the auction and until the bill is paid in full. For your protection and to maintain security, a QCA employee will take your paid receipt and check your purchased items as they are removed. The auctioneer will cite the terms at the commencement as well as during the auction. Buyers may need to return the following day or days to collect purchases.

Buyers are also expected to bring all the equipment, tools, carts, transportation and workers needed to collect purchased items.  Please be prepared to safely move everything you purchase within the time allotted or hire an approved rigger or mover. It is the buyer’s responsibility to hire professional riggers with proper insurance which must be forwarded to us prior to removal. Third party removal will require a release by the buyer.

NOTE:   QCA does not pack, ship, store, crate or rig items unless otherwise arranged. If a 3rd party logistics firm is handling the removal of your purchase, coordinate the process within the timeframe given. QCA presents information for one or more local logistics service providers (riggers) who understand our removal process and offer appropriate services. We advise of this service without  representation or warranty of any kind as these companies do not work for QCA and are therefore independent contractors.