Quaker City Auctioneers, Inc. (QCA) can provide immediate liquidity for your assets. With 85 years of asset management experience, we can provide you with multiple auction options best suitable for your needs. Regardless of your chosen option, we will implement our time-tested 10-Step Auction Plan for the optimum results attainable.

Types of Auction Proposals

1. Outright Purchase of Assets – QCA will purchase all of your assets outright for a lump sum of money, thereby eliminating all consideration of auction expenses and the uncertainty that auctions present.

2. The Guarantee – QCA will guarantee a sum of money prior to the auction sale. We will outlay the funds necessary to market and prepare the assets (defined in the contract). The proceeds above the guarantee and contracted expenses represent the breakeven point. The proceeds above breakeven represent the profit and is split (contractually) between the Owner/Client and QCA. QCA will charge and retain a buyer’s premium with this option.

3. The Commission and/or Buyer’s Premium – We will project the cost for labor to prepare the site for auction and the costs required to properly market and advertise the assets. These expenses will be deducted from the sale proceeds as determined by the contract, and we will either charge the consignor a commission, or the buyers a premium for our fee.

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