Quaker City Auctioneers (QCA) works with financial institutions such as banks, leasing, holding and insurance companies, city, state and federal agencies, attorneys, trustees, accountants, the courts and all segments of the private sector from major corporations to single owner companies.

Joint Ventures: QCA welcomes the opportunity to partner a deal with another auction company or dealer. The partnership can be a 50/50 split or whatever percentage of the deal our venture partner is agreeable to or chooses.

Finders Fees: QCA will pay generous finder’s fees to anyone who provides leads or contacts to companies and assets that are saleable and result in the sale of these assets by QCA. Bring us a lead and earn!

What other services can QCA Provide?

Options and SolutionsQCA will assess the situation, review and determine the most viable and appropriate option and proceed with professional dispatch. The circumstances, timing, logistics and client’s interests will dictate the course chosen. In certain instances, a live public auction may not be feasible or possible, therefore, QCA will provide alternatives that will produce the desired results.

A privately negotiated sale involving a number of interested buyers is one option. A sealed bid sale is another method. In situations with inventories, QCA will organize and manage Going Out of Business Sales, Retail Promotions, and Wholesale Liquidations.  Other available means of liquidation include:  Going out of Business Sales, Retail Promotions and Wholesale Liquidations.

How does QCA, Inc. work with banks?

We assist in the securing of assets and dissolving of a business. QCA will take possession and manage the auction process from asset preparation to final removal. We will appraise, inventory or liquidate depending upon the requirements of the situation.

How does QCA, Inc. work with leasing/finance companies?

QCA will appraise and document with precise description all equipment and inventory that is the basis of a lease or loan. We will remarket through auction or sell through private negotiation, equipment that has been repossessed or subject to a replevin action. This includes securing and/or removing the collateralized equipment with insured professional riggers and truckers.

How does QCA, Inc. work with attorneys?

We are licensed and bonded in the state of Pennsylvania and with the United States Bankruptcy Court. In addition to Pennsylvania, we are licensed in other states to conduct auctions and have reciprocity with a host of others.  QCA represents debtors and creditors in litigation regarding value and substantiation of inventory. We offer expert witness testimony regarding auction proceedings and questions of value.

How does QCA, Inc. conduct business in the private sector?

QCA will buy, sell or guarantee any business or commodity that may be auctioned or liquidated. We invite and welcome joint ventures and offers finders’ fees or commissions on deals that we close. QCA will buy surplus equipment or entire facilities that are insolvent, in probate or in retirement position. We will buy or sell all surplus or overrun wholesale or retail inventories of manufacturers and importers.  One machine or the entire facility… Call QCA and let us transform your dormant, underperforming, troubled assets into immediate liquidity.