Help Information

Registration Process for Live Auctions

Upon arrival, come to the Registration Table to electronically sign-in, obtain a Bidder Number, and receive the auction catalog.  You are also able to register in person during the inspection, held prior to the sale.

Please present during the registration:
1.   Your Driver’s License or form of Identification
2.   Business card to speed the registration process
3.   If you are sales tax exempt, please bring with you a completed State Exemption Certificate. 

Registration Process for Online Auctions

QCA’s online auctions are conducted through Bidspotter or Proxibid, depending on the specific auction, so you need to register with them.  From QCA’s home page, please click on the auction service company’s link for the sale in which you wish to participate.

Payment Terms and Conditions can be found under the AUCTIONS tab on the Payment Options page or Click here