Quaker City Auctioneers, Inc. (QCA) can tailor your asset recovery and liquidation needs, beginning with our initial no-obligation consultation through to removal and clean-up, using our successful 10-Step Auction Plan.

This successful auction approach has enabled us to offer professional, competent auction services. We adapt our contract to each situation, aggressively market and present equipment in the best saleable manner and utilize our 80 years of auction expertise to generate the highest dollar possible. We closely supervise the safe and orderly removal to safeguard the premises.

QCA 10-Step Auction Plan

  1. The “deal” begins with a completely confidential, non-committal meeting. Here, the facts, information, and expectations are discretely discussed.
  2. The next step involves a strategic plan and/or proposal to initiate our involvement.
  3. The signing of the contract or written confirmation will initiate the auction process.
  4. Next, we secure the premises, when necessary, and plan the marketing strategy which may include any or all of the following – a direct mail brochure, newspaper, and trade ads, electronic banners and blasts.  Photographs, if required, are taken. Target markets are chosen. Custom in-house and industry-specific mailing lists are selected.
  5. The field supervisor is introduced onto the premises and the layout of the auction is discussed. On-site management, supervision, and presence are maintained.
  6. The machinery and equipment preparation, then sorting and lotting of the assets are carried out by our trained staff. Selective repairs, painting, and maintenance are performed, if necessary, and economically feasible.
  7. The premises are open for a public inspection by prospective buyers or private inspections are scheduled, prior to the sale.  Asset details, including photographs, are posted on the QCA website and designated links.
  8. The auction sale day requires a staff to register, monitor, secure, safeguard and oversee the smooth operation of the auction. The sale is electronically processed.
  9. QCA personnel will supervise the orderly and safe removal of purchased lots. Information regarding riggers will be made available.
  10. Once removal is accomplished and the premises are left in the specified condition, the settlement with all receipts and accounting is expeditiously provided in accordance with our contractual agreement. This final phase precedes our Account of Sale.

Auction Methodologies and Technologies Used for Maximum Convenience to Buyers:

Live On-site Auctions:   This format is usually at the location of the assets and allows buyers the opportunity to bid on items as the auctioneer proceeds from one lot to the next. It may also be conducted theatre-style with each lot magnified via projector or video onto a screen, at a location remote to the actual site of the assets. In either case, it is recommended that an inspection of the assets be made.

Webcast Auctions:   This format provides for live bidding in person or remotely from an internet connected electronic device (assuming the buyer is properly registered and can receive the auction broadcast at the time the auction is being conducted live). Whether onsite or theatre-style is implemented, online bidders are given equal consideration and their bids are effectively placed as if received in person. As long as the online bidder is connected to the internet and is registered, he may participate in the auction from his location of preference. Photographs of the lots being offered are broadcast and shown simultaneous to the live bidding. In some instances, audio of the live sale is also available for the online bidder, but in all cases prompts are used on the computer to bid via the keyboard or mouse.

Online Auctions:  Also known as timed auctions, this format is not a live event but timed with opening and closing dates. All of the sale details, descriptions and procedures are listed on our website and on the host auction site (typically Bidspotter or Proxibid).

Proxy Bid:  A proxy bid allows you to participate in an auction if you are unable to attend or cannot access an online auction when scheduled. We will bid as your representative for the lot(s) that you have designated. To submit your proxy bid, you must specify the item or items by lot number and/or serial number you wish to bid on and indicate a maximum bid amount. We will attempt to purchase the lot(s) through incremental bidding for the lowest price, but we will not exceed your maximum bid amount. If you are successful you will be required to follow payment and removal terms as advertised.

Sealed Bid Auctions:  This type of auction requires the buyer to submit, prior to the advertised deadline, a written or transmitted electronic one-time bid. All bids will be kept confidential. Once the sale closes, the highest bidder will be notified.

Negotiated Private Treaty Sales:   This option permits a QCA auctioneer to act as the agent between the buyer and seller, allowing both parties to mutually agree to a price. We make all arrangements for inspection, as well as the post-sale dismantling and removal of equipment. This format is often used for smaller groups of potential buyers who are looking for unique, high-value items, entire lines, or a complete business.